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Whilst the Royal Oak might be AP's bread and butter, the rest from the loved ones has been obtaining some significant focus - and by
that, we imply obtaining the technical advancements which will lead Audemars Piguet in to the subsequent generation - items just like
the AP Escapement.
For instance, the new Millenary Minute Repeater beneath, that will be shown for the very first time in Geneva in the SIHH,
characteristics each the outstanding AP Escapement and double-balance spring, also as AP's new take on the chiming hammer and gong
method. Add inside a sleek titanium situation and also you have an outstanding and complex watch that is wearable each day.
Press release following the jump. We'll have reside pics up in two weeks' time as we'll be covering SIHH reside from Geneva.
The new Millenary Minute Repeater is completely in line with this longstanding tradition, whilst adopting the most recent
technological breakthroughs created by Audemars Piguet, beginning using the new AP escapement. As an important element within the
smooth operating of a watch, the escapement serves to sequence the linear power transmitted from the barrel. Drawing inspiration from
a mechanism produced within the late 18th century by a watchmaker named Robin, Audemars Piguet created a brand new escapement
combining the higher effectiveness of a direct-impulse escapement using the reliability of a Swiss lever escapement. The watchmakers
in Le Brassus thereby succeeded in decreasing the power losses and in eliminating the require to lubricate the pallet-stones. This
groundbreaking technical development in turn enhanced rating accuracy, long-term stability and shock-resistance.
A sophisticated device
Conceived, breitling b1 created and created by Audemars Piguet, the new hand-wound Calibre 2910 driving the Millenary Minute Repeater can also be
distinguished from the atypical construction from the regulating organ. The latter is composed, not of 1 balance-spring, but of two
balance-springs placed leading to tail. This flat opposite-facing double balance-spring method boasts many benefits rolex watches replicas : it guarantees
automatic compensation for possible poising flaws; eliminates the require for the overcoil terminal curves of so-called Breguet-type
balance-springs, that are usually extremely difficult to create; as well as does away using the imprecision resulting in the vertical
position from the watch with out needing to resort to such a sophisticated device because the tourbillon. All these unique
characteristics serve to make sure finer adjustment from the balance-and-spring assembly oscillating at a frequency of 21, 600
vibrations per hour.
The two motion barrels guarantee an excellent seven-day energy reserve. A third barrel devoted towards the striking mechanism is two
along with a half occasions bigger than regular, and enhances the regularity from the note. Lastly, when it comes to safety, the
Millenary Minute Repeater is equipped having a balance-stop method made to making certain time-setting that's correct towards the
nearest second. The new winding method also characteristics a safety device that prevents time-setting whilst the striking mechanism
is in operation, therefore staying away from any danger of inappropriate handling.
Dynamic three-dimensional architecture
Such refined mechanical characteristics naturally deserved to become matched by equally excellent finishing. The oval-shaped Millenary
situation in brushed titanium a material featuring excellent resonance qualities is framed by a polished titanium bezel. The numerous
organs inside are barely concealed from the anthracite grey hours and minutes subdial offset at three o clock, and from the little
seconds at 7 o clock. Specific care has been lavished on the hand-polished bevelling, on the interior angles and on the concentric
circular-grained motif. The motion can also be adorned by a horizontal C tes de Gen ve pattern. This wealth of particulars is visible
each in the leading and via the transparent caseback , which with each other serve to highlight a especially dynamic three-dimensional
Via its outstanding mixture of performances and technological accomplishments panerai black seal , the Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeater tends to
make a decisive new contribution towards the background of this collection.
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