Attributes of an Entrepreneur

  • An entrepreneur is highly independent.
  • An entrepreneur is a visionary.
  • An entrepreneur accepts higher risks.
  • An entrepreneur is somewhat of a loner.

Q: What does it cost to buy a business?

A: LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS of San Francisco Inc works with each seller to establish a fair price for their business. Expect the down payment to equal the seller's net income.

Why Entrepreneurs Buy Existing Businesses

  • Return on investment in one year
  • Instant cash flow
  • Company has established credit history and relationships with vendors
  • Trained employees
  • Company has established customer base and reputation
  • To secure a life-long job

The following are actual businesses, which buyers have recently purchased through LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS of San Francisco’S offices:


Net Earnings/
Down Paymt.



Type of

Furniture Manufacturer




Family trust

Embroidery Company




Tired of traveling salesman

Label Manufacturer




VP tired of Corporate America

Construction Equipment Rental




Unemployed executive

Baseball Cap Manufacturer




Advertising executive

Muffler Manufacturer




Automotive executive

Big Men Clothing Manufacturer




South African wanted a visa

Restaurant Equipment Manufacturer




Unemployed engineer

Computer Distributor




Australian wanted to enter US market

Pizza Restaurant




Unemployed manager





Manager wanted her own business

Fabric Distributor




Couple wanted their own business

Machine Shop




Machinist wanted his own business